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Sunday, October 4, 2009

BOING! #9 Interview with Rob Renzetti

BOING!#9, Just watching the wonderfully written animated series, My Life as a Teenage Robot reminds me of a time back in the 60's when cartoons actually had a plot and were more than fast paced mindless trash that litters the airwaves in today's market. The nice thing about this cartoon created by the amazing Rob Renzetti is that it DOES contain great action featuring fight scenes, explosions and escapes from evil villains, BUT all with a story in mind and perhaps even a lesson learned in the end.

Rob has a very distinctive style and its evident in most of his creative efforts. Another great cartoon, Mina and the Count, still enjoys somewhat of a loyal following amongst cartoon groupies and for great reason; it's FANTASTIC!

It was a great pleasure to talk with Rob and to hear more about the stories behind his stories that grace the airwaves today.

BOING! #8 Interview with Mark Buford

BOING!#8, Just looking at the comic strip Scary Gary gives me the chills. It makes me quiver with excitement as if I was looking at a reincarnation of an old Addam's Family panel cartoon from the NewYorker magazine; only with an updated twist and fresh storyline. Reading the strip makes me think back on a time when I couldn't wait to turn the TV on to watch the Munsters. When I first saw the comic, I didn't want to see it in color in fear that it would lose its charm, but as soon as I saw the color version and the perfect color pallette that creator Mark Buford had selected, I was both relieved and delighted.
Scary Gary is a delightfully fun strip to read as well as look at with its deceptively simple line work and humor reminiscent of Scott Adams. The characters are colorful and funny, making it easy to forget that they are actually monsters from a day gone by. Who can not look at Leopold and Owen and not want to take them in?
Be sure to check out Mark Buford's Scary Gary at the Creator's Syndicate website:

A Strip From Scary Gary

Scary Gary Layout

Layout work with Leopold taking advantage of modern day conveniences.

Model designs of Gary

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BOING #7 Interview with June Foray

BOING!#7, The legendary voice actress June Foray joins me in a wonderfully candid interview that covers her long and prolific career as well as her start in radio as a young girl performing in a local radio drama in the 30's when she was just 12 years old! June is most recognized as the voice behind Rocky J. Squirrel (from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show) as well as Granny (from the Looney Tune shows) featuring Tweety and Sylvester. Her voice talents can be heard in countless numbers of animated features as well as record albums, toys and video games. Even today, June is still working in the industry! She is a wonderful person and her stories will both
entertain and amaze you.

June with Bill Scott and Jay Ward (classic photo!)

June with Stan Freburg and Daws Butler (Capitol Records)

Little Cindy Lou Hoo...voiced by June (one line,..but a classic!)

Natasha..voiced by June

June proudly displays the Rocky J. Squirrel gold pendant created by her niece!

Left to right: Joe Barbera, Walter Lantz, Don Messick,
Daws Butler, June Foray, and Bill Hanna

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BOING #6 Interview with Don Bluth

BOING!#6, The legendary animator Don Bluth joins me in a wonderfully in-depth interview that covers his amazing story as a young lad working in the family dairy farm in Payson, Utah to his days in Ireland producing the amazing animation production, Land Before Time. Whether you are into gaming and became hooked on Dragon's Lair or Space Ace, or if you are simply a fan of beautiful animation as in Bartok the Magnificent, American Tail or Anastasia,...there is something in this interview for you! Join me as I talk to Don about the paths he chose along the way of his amazing career in animation and about his website that offers personal DVD lessons that cover all of the aspects of the art!

Scene from Banjo the Woodpile Cat

Dirk from Dragon's Lair


Mr. Ages

Dirk Line art

Bartok the Magnificent

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BOING #5 Interview with Dan Thompson

BOING!#5, Just looking at the comic strip Rip Haywire gives one a sense of history. It has a distinctively retro feel to it as if you are reading a strip from the 50's or 60's action adventure days.
As you begin to submerge yourself into the world that creator Dan Thompson creates, you soon realize that it is very much a product of today that exhibits a fresh and exciting storyline with light hearted humor sandwiched in for good measure. It's a fun strip to read as well as look at. The villains are colorful and creative which brings one back to the villains of Dick Tracy or Batman and Robin in the early days.
Be sure to check out Dan's updates and blog at