Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BOING #4 Interview with Gene Deitch

BOING!#4, There aren't enough words to describe the genius behind such works as Tom Terrific, Terr'ble Thompson, Munro, Samson Scrap and Delilah and Silly Sidney! Surprisingly enough at the age of 85, Gene has not slowed down much and continues to produce animation based on book adaptations while still willing to discuss his past and career history with people as fortunate as myself. His career experiences, as he explains, can also serve as great lessons about luck, perseverance, and persistence. Of course,..it didn't hurt Gene to have all of that talent on his side along the way!! Gene Deitch is indeed one of kind, and just listening to his background, clues you in to this fact right out of the gate!

The Oscar Award Winning Munro_Directed by Gene Deitch

The comic strip Terr'ble Thompson created by Gene Deitch

Cover art from Tom Terrific Comic books Issues #1 and #2

Art work from the Record Changer

Tom Terrific Character Study/Model Sheet

Gene, in a publicity photo with his two sons.

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JW said...

I just discovered your blog and podcasts via Tony Benedict's blog. I met Tony once and he's such a nice guy as well as an amazing talent.

The Gene Deitch interview is wonderful! I'm so happy someone is doing something to showcase these wonderful artists and creators who deserve credit for their work.

These interviews are amazing! Is there a link so I can follow these as new interviews? I hope you can do more. I'm going to go listen some more.

Many thanks,
Jeff Willis