Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BOING #6 Interview with Don Bluth

BOING!#6, The legendary animator Don Bluth joins me in a wonderfully in-depth interview that covers his amazing story as a young lad working in the family dairy farm in Payson, Utah to his days in Ireland producing the amazing animation production, Land Before Time. Whether you are into gaming and became hooked on Dragon's Lair or Space Ace, or if you are simply a fan of beautiful animation as in Bartok the Magnificent, American Tail or Anastasia,...there is something in this interview for you! Join me as I talk to Don about the paths he chose along the way of his amazing career in animation and about his website that offers personal DVD lessons that cover all of the aspects of the art!

Scene from Banjo the Woodpile Cat

Dirk from Dragon's Lair


Mr. Ages

Dirk Line art

Bartok the Magnificent