Monday, June 16, 2008

Behind The Lines Podcast #1 Walter Quermann

Behind the Lines is proud to present its very first podcast spotlighting the less publicized creative geniuses behind the beautiful cartoons that have graced the medium of comic books, comic strips, animation and illustration .

This weeks' first podcast will spotlight:
Walter Quermann
"The Hickory Hollow Folks"

Listen to it Here:

Credit For Photos: "Art Out of Time" Dan Nadel c/o Abrams Publishing


Searching said...
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Searching said...

Found that the podcast can now be accessed at

as "EPISODE 6 - Cartoonist Spotlight"
06/18/2008 12:00 AM EDT 24:28

and was especially interested to hear the info you cited from Quermann's auto-bio sketch.
If you're able to post that in full, it would be great to see. Thanks for the nice program,