Thursday, June 26, 2008

Episode #2 Zdenek Miler

This week the spotlight shines on: Zdenek Miler the brilliant Czech animator and illustrator best known for his Mole character (Krtek) and the wonderful adventures he encounters with is animal friends. A pure delight to the ears and eyes, these works are simply brilliant. The background work is wonderful and a pure delight to look at. I hope you enjoy this wonderfully animated cartoon series as much as I have since discovering it earlier this year.
Check out the underwater foliage in the "Mole and the Rocket" and If you get a chance,...check out "Mole and the Car" on You Tube. Awesome artwork there too! Miler's cartoon series with Krtek is addicting and I found myself wanting more and more with each video.

Don't let the simplistic style fool you! Just one look at the background paintings and you know you are looking at true artistic mastery here. Can't wait to see some of the older books with Krtek that were published (hard to find now). Surely a comic book was printed with this little guy!

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