Sunday, November 23, 2008

Episode #11 Perfect Penmanship/Comics Without a Clue

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Bruce R said...


Great show as always. Fun listening to my friends talking about things that interest me. Loved the cartooning book talk, and thanks for the scans. Walt Kelly?! What can I say? THE master!

Bruce R said...

Not sure that I fully agree with your thoughts on comic strips. There are certainly some strips that were carried on by others and have retained quality. Right now I can think of Prince Valiant which I'm reading in collected form. Almost as fun as the old Hal Foster strip, and Gary Gianni is a good artist. But in general? I'd agree, let them die!

For a while one of the syndicates was trying out new strips on their website and I thought several had promise, but in the end, most comic readers want to see old favorites like Nancy and reruns of Peanuts rather than experience something new. Weird...

Todd Dolce' said...

Hey Bruce!!! Always happy to know that somebody listens to my podcast besides my mother!!
hey,..I can remember back in the 70's as a kid in Upstate NY laying on the family room carpet (shag) and opening the Sunday Comics Section to see Prince Valiant in all of it's glory complete with AMAZING artwork and the graceful penmanship!!! I didn't understand any of it, but I sure enjoyed looking at the art!
Recently I glanced at a current PV strip to check it out and again I was simply in awe of the beautiful art.

Still,...I'm scratching my head as to "why?". I'd rather see Gianni do something in the same style perhaps but call it something different. At the very least, evolve it into something new and call it something else.

I hear what your saying about the old "stand byes", but I do have to question the "polls" that were conducted by that syndicate and just how thorough they were in reality. Regardless,..I HONESTLY feel with all of my heart, there is a simple solution and it lies with technology. The digital newspaper wirelessly subscribed and transmitted to OLED sheets where people can then order the comics they want to read ala cart.
It seems like the only way newspapers can not only survive,...but flourish once again.

As much as I like the internet, I will never like it as much as "holding a page" in my hand WHEREVER and WHENEVER I want. The OLED can be rolled up like a comic book and shoved in a bag or read while you sit at your favorite local household bathroom.

If you free up the limitations of the printed page with a digital also free up the limitations of available comics and articles too.

Will this ever happen? Will the technology speed up and allow for an affordable mass production and distribution of the OLED material in time to save the newspaper? Will the newspapers be too narrow minded and slow and miss the opportunity should it present itself? Who knows!!!

Stay "tooned" to find out.