Monday, December 8, 2008

Episode 12 Defining Professional

I was wrong about "two" guys working on this strip. Art passed
away years ago and his son Chip has been drawing it ever since.
Why not call it what it is....
"Art Sansom's Born Loser" by Chip Sansom. This way it's more
honest and we will know who to blame for this thing.

Great Book! Could have been even better!
Get it here!

A Professional at work.................................

Another PROFESSIONAL at work! CLASS A all the way!

Commercial Highlight for This Podcast:
Check out the sexy woman in the hat sneaking a kiss on the famous Hal Peary's
(Great Gildersleeve fame) unsuspected cheek:


Bruce R said...

I was formulating my argument even as you spoke about story vs. art, and then you hit me with the line, "in my opinion" which totally deflated my argument... sigh...

I tend to agree with you on professional. Sometimes I'm not sure that I want to classify some folks that way though! Do they purposely draw that bad?

If I dig deep enough, I think I can find some examples of Art Sansom's Born Loser before his son took over art (and probably the strip). I think you would like it. The son is obviously not much of an artist.

When Walt Kelly died, his widow took Pogo over, and there was a point when the art was just atrocious, but when the assistant was doing it, it was fine. I think that Selby Kelly did the same thing that Chip Sansom is doing, tracing older drawings. At least that's what it looks like!

Thanks for the Hal Peary video, I'm a big fan of OTR and seeing this made me smile!

Todd Dolce' said...

Bruce...I will always feel that
the art is the FIRST impression and therefore the most important....BUT....immediately after that is where the writing is HUGE!! SO in the nutshell....
"The art GETS you there...but the writing KEEPS you there!"

Just my opinion.....(LOL!)

As for the Born Loser,...I'm regretting that harsh critique a bit more now. Thanks!!

I just don't like it and should have left it at that,...but does it deserve to be in the papers today? Still? I have to say NO WAY!

Perhaps I will delete that portion of the show and re-do it. Not sure yet. I was expressing my honest opinion,..but.....