Sunday, October 4, 2009

BOING! #8 Interview with Mark Buford

BOING!#8, Just looking at the comic strip Scary Gary gives me the chills. It makes me quiver with excitement as if I was looking at a reincarnation of an old Addam's Family panel cartoon from the NewYorker magazine; only with an updated twist and fresh storyline. Reading the strip makes me think back on a time when I couldn't wait to turn the TV on to watch the Munsters. When I first saw the comic, I didn't want to see it in color in fear that it would lose its charm, but as soon as I saw the color version and the perfect color pallette that creator Mark Buford had selected, I was both relieved and delighted.
Scary Gary is a delightfully fun strip to read as well as look at with its deceptively simple line work and humor reminiscent of Scott Adams. The characters are colorful and funny, making it easy to forget that they are actually monsters from a day gone by. Who can not look at Leopold and Owen and not want to take them in?
Be sure to check out Mark Buford's Scary Gary at the Creator's Syndicate website:

A Strip From Scary Gary

Scary Gary Layout

Layout work with Leopold taking advantage of modern day conveniences.

Model designs of Gary

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