Sunday, October 4, 2009

BOING! #9 Interview with Rob Renzetti

BOING!#9, Just watching the wonderfully written animated series, My Life as a Teenage Robot reminds me of a time back in the 60's when cartoons actually had a plot and were more than fast paced mindless trash that litters the airwaves in today's market. The nice thing about this cartoon created by the amazing Rob Renzetti is that it DOES contain great action featuring fight scenes, explosions and escapes from evil villains, BUT all with a story in mind and perhaps even a lesson learned in the end.

Rob has a very distinctive style and its evident in most of his creative efforts. Another great cartoon, Mina and the Count, still enjoys somewhat of a loyal following amongst cartoon groupies and for great reason; it's FANTASTIC!

It was a great pleasure to talk with Rob and to hear more about the stories behind his stories that grace the airwaves today.

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